“Songs From The Big Green Barn” will be broadcast live on September 18th and 19th, 2020. The two shows will take place at Sheryl’s “Big Green Barn”, and are markedly different in format: September 18th’s “Outside” performance, airing at 9PM ET, will be a fully electric, rousing outdoor show. The “Inside” show, broadcast on Saturday September 19th at 1PM ET, will be a stripped down, intimate acoustic set. Both sets will feature accompaniment by members of Sheryl’s band. The song selection will vary across both shows and include classic hits, fan favorites, and deep tracks. If there’s a song you’d like to hear, visit Sheryl’s official accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to submit your requests – you just might influence the set lists!

Sheryl’s “Big Green Barn” is a creative space filled with musical instruments, recording equipment and American folk antiques. “I’m really excited to bring fans inside the Big Green Barn for this pair of shows, they’re going to be special,” says Sheryl. “Obviously with COVID, we haven’t been able to tour this year. We put a lot of thought into how to make these shows unique, and to reach people around the world in countries that we haven’t played for in a long time, perhaps ever. I can’t wait to play live for my fans again!”

The Saturday “Inside” show, which will go live at 1PM ET (UTC/GMT -5), was intentionally scheduled for more convenient viewing in timezones outside North America, although both shows can be watched from anywhere in the world during the initial broadcast, and for two weeks afterwards for all ticket purchasers. The concerts will be broadcast in high quality audio and video and will be viewable on both computers and mobile devices. No special software is required to view the concerts, although a high speed mobile or internet connection is recommended for the best experience. Click below to buy your tickets and limited edition merchandise!

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