Message from the band:
After having lost our 20th anniversary tour this year (don’t worry it WILL STILL HAPPEN), we’ve decided to do something special for all of you. We are going to be hosting a weekend streaming event, playing Colors in its entirety! ⁣
These will be full band performances in the basement where we wrote the record in 2007. There will be two performances followed by Q&A chats for subscribers as well as a full discussion where we can answer anything you want to know about the record. ⁣
The streams will be free for everyone on our Twitch channel, and we will have some more details to be released in the coming weeks. Tag a friend and we will see you all virtually very soon!
-Colors Live: Friday August 7 @ 8pm EST
-Colors Live: Saturday August 8 @ 3pm EST⁣
-Colors In-Depth Discussion: Sunday August 9 @ 2pm⁣ EST

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